Friday, 29 October 2010

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair 2010 ........reflections on......

Two weeks has given me the chance to reflect on my participation in the Islington Contemporary Art & Design fair at the Candid Arts Trust.  Well in truth it was a mixed bag.  Whilst I may not be financially better off the public seemed to respond well to my new work and I gained lots of valuable feedback.  To top it all I met some amazing new designers too, here are a selection of just a few.....

Gabrielle Vary

Gabrielle creates beautiful knitted fabrics for the home and fashion accessories.  She had some absolutely gorgeous throws and really unusual knitted fabric stools!  You can catch her at the Selvedge Christmas Fair, and see her work at 

Anna Woodall

I was lucky enough to be opposite Anna Woodall, who had some wonderfully tactile screen prints on display.  Her floor covering drew lots of attention from the public too.  This piece had lots of lovely intricate layers of screen print, beautifully composed and coloured.  You can see more of Anna's work at

Suzi Mclaughlin

Suzi's work I only discovered later on in the show, and I'm not sure that the venue did her work justice.  Her beautiful laser cut papers and origami flowers were just amazing, such detail and wonderful use of colour.  Her work is currently appearing in many shop installations in London and beyond.  You can see just how unique it is at

Overall Islington was a really valuable opening experience to bigger fairs in London, it's certainly not put me off applying for more in the future, so watch this space.......

Friday, 15 October 2010

Opening Night, Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair 2010 @ Candid Arts

A few pics from a hectic private view of the ICADF Fashion, Textiles & Jewellery show at Candid Arts last night. A few teething problems regarding screws in walls and the negotiating of a nice plumb line for display were eventually allayed (principally with the aid of a free glass of wine), and a pleasant time was had by all in the end. Many thanks to mum and husband for sterling assistance.

Do pop along if you can - the exhibition continues today (1pm - 7pm), Saturday and Sunday (12pm - 6pm), nearest tube station being Angel. Feel free to fondle the knit work (all of which is made from the very best merino lambswool and machine knitted for a finer finish), make an enquiry or add your name to the mailing list. Everything is for sale, and keep in mind that commissions can be taken, with all knitted cuffs, necklaces and scarves available in alternative colourways - just ask to see a swatch.

Anything unsold from the Islington show will shortly be made available to buy online, but take this opportunity to see the work up close or try something on while you can!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Work coming soon to the Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair 2010


About my work......

My work explores a specific memory of my past.  My grandmother was a very practical woman, and as a child to keep me amused, instead of toys she gave me her collection of recycled buttons to play with.  Ever since I felt she sealed my fate as a textile designer.  Throughout my degree and until present these memories have been a recurring theme in my work.  On her death I reacquired this collection.  Today I am able to recreate the entire collection using silicone moulds and resin.